Yes, you read that correctly; here you will find the best working method to unlock JioFi Mobile Router for free. I have been researching the JioFi Mobile Router for the past few days. You are about to learn the most effective method for JioFi Unlock.

Unlocked Firmware for JioFi 3 JMR540 & JMR541

I was able to dump and reverse engineer the JioFi 3 firmware in order to see if I could remove the SIM restrictions. JioFi 3 is manufactured by Foxconn and runs on generic firmware. However, unlocking took some time. Vi and Airtel were tested.

UPDATE 17-10-21: Jio has pushed a firmware update that locks the boot loader. If your device has not yet been updated, it is recommended that you re-flash your firmware with the patched image provided below, which effectively disables auto updates. If you’ve already been locked out, there’s no easy way out.

How to unlock JioFi for Using All Networks
How to unlock JioFi for Using All Networks

If you haven’t used your device in a long time or are still on a lower or equal version than the one listed below, it is not recommended that you use JioFi with SIM. Instead, flash this firmware first if you want to test SIM unlock.

I am not responsible for any kind of damage to your device.
Use this firmware at your own risk
Post is for educational purpose only.

Follow this simple Method to Unlock JioFi For Free.

Check that you are using the same or a lower firmware version.

JMR 540 – FXN_JMR540_R6.16
JMR 541 – FXN_JMR541_R3.10

1. Find your device model and download the appropriate Firmware, then extract it to a known location.

2. Setup drivers and tools (skip if already installed)

​3. Prepare device

4. Flashing Unlocked Firmware

fastboot devices

baxxxxx fastboot

fastboot erase system

erasing ‘system’…

OKAY [ 1.104s]

finished. total time: 1.105s

fastboot flash system “D:\system.img” ( replace path )

sending ‘system’ (34306 KB)…

OKAY [ 1.276s]

writing ‘system’…

OKAY [ 9.462s]

finished. total time: 10.741s

fastboot reboot

You’ll notice device will reboot normally now you can unplug the cable.

Congratulations your device is now unlocked JioFi Mobile Router and you can reinsert battery and another SIM for testing.

Do not be alarmed if the firmware takes longer to boot than usual. ​

4. Modifying APN

If something goes wrong or you want to undo something, you can re-flash the original firmware provided in this post.​​

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How to Change JioFi’s password and name:

Following the steps outlined below, you can easily change your JioFi password and name.
Change Jiofi Password – 7 Steps (2022)

  1. Connect your device (smartphone, laptop) to JioFi first.
  2. Then, launch a web browser and navigate to the website (
  3. Open if you have a JioFi dongle (Jiodongal.local.html)
  4. Now, in the top right corner of the page, click the login button.
  5. Then enter administrator as the user name and password.
  6. Navigate to Wi-Fi settings in the settings menu.
  7. After going to the Wi-Fi settings, change the password and SSID name to your liking.

After you’ve finished the process, click the Save button to save the password and SSID name you’ve chosen. Congratulations, by following the steps outlined above, you have successfully changed the JioFi name and password. Always use a strong password on any device you use.


Q. Can we unlock JioFi for other SIM?
A. Yes, If you want to use another network SIM card on your JioFi device you need to unlock your JioFi device using third-party software for free.

Q. Where can I download JioFi firmware?
A. Open any web browser and download the Original appropriate Firmware, then extract it to a known location.​.

Q. My device is not visible in fastboot devices?
A. Confirm driver installation a faulty cable can also be the issue.

Q. Everything went well but still no changes in dashboard?
A. After successful flash if you still don’t see the changes your device is probably booting from recovery partition. Try flashing recovery partition by

  • fastboot erase recoveryfs
  • fastboot flash recoveryfs “D:\system.img”

Q. After resetting device from pin hole button it shows INVALID SIM.?
A. This is supposed to happen just reboot the device it’ll work again.

Q. Can I undo all this and get back to original firmware?
A. Yes just flash the original firmware provided in post and reset the device.

Q. I ‘accidentally’ flashed my recovery and boot partition?
A. Well accidentally I’ve backed up recovery and boot download from below

Q. FAILED: (remote: Image is locked) issue while erasing/flashing image?
A. Jio recently pushed an firmware update which re-locks simlock and bootloader which basically means you can’t flash unsigned/custom firmware. Currently there is no fix.

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