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Poland’s Immigration History and Current Situation

Poland, a European Union member, has experienced an upsurge in immigration in recent years. As the country develops and grows, an increasing number of individuals are considering relocating to Poland for job and other possibilities. Understanding the immigration procedure and standards in Poland, on the other hand, might be difficult.

This blog article will offer an overview of Poland’s immigration procedure and laws, including the requirements and process for getting a visa or residence permit, the “Polish Card” program, and the country’s attitudes regarding asylum seekers and refugees.

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Immigration Requirements and Process

Understanding the distinctions in the requirements and application procedure for EU citizens and non-EU nationals is one of the most crucial aspects of immigration to Poland. Since Poland is an EU member, its residents are free to live and work there without a visa or other authorization. However, in order to remain and work in Poland, non-EU nationals may need to apply for a visa or residence permit.

The procedure of getting a work permit can take some time for people who are not nationals of EU nations and involves a variety of paperwork requirements, such as a current passport, employment verification, and confirmation of health insurance. Additionally, visitors must register for their stay in Poland. Registration must be completed during the first month of your stay in Poland and is required.

The Polish Card Program

The “Polish Card” program is one of several initiatives the Polish government has put in place to draw in and keep foreign laborers. Highly talented non-EU citizens are permitted to reside and work in Poland for a maximum of five years under the program. Candidates must have a work offer from a Polish company and satisfy specific wage standards in order to be eligible for the program. The curriculum is also designed for those with specialized knowledge and abilities, such as IT professionals, engineers, and scientists.

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