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Hello everyone, you may have heard of GB WhatsApp. It’s an improved version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, and GBWhatsApp is a WhatsApp variant. Many people are familiar with it.

So today I’m going to talk about how to download gb whatsapp on iphone; you’ll learn everything you need to know about it and how to use it on iPhone. You can only use the app on iPhone devices; GBWhatsApp has some amazing features that WhatsApp does not have. There are numerous mods available on the internet, but GBWhatsApp is the most popular, and the majority of people who do not use WhatsApp use GBWhatsApp.

Because the app is smaller than WhatsApp, it can be used on any Android device and for a longer period of time.

Because of its popularity and best features, GBWhatsApp always releases updates, which you can download from this site or bookmark our blog page to get the latest GB WhatsApp update. You must use a browser to download GB WhatsApp.

Install GBWhatsapp On iPhone

As you may be aware, there are a large number of existing iPhone users worldwide. They, however, are unable to install GBWhatsApp on their phones. Because this apk is not available in the AppStore, there is another way to get GBWhatsApp on your iPhone. The installation procedure is outlined below.

To begin, go to the Panda Helper website and copy and paste this link (https://m.pandahelp.vip/) into your Safari browser.

Please keep in mind that this procedure will only work on Safari.

How do I download and install GB WhatsApp in my iPhone
How do I download and install GB WhatsApp on your iPhone
Download WhatsApp GB For IOS/iPhone Latest Version
Download WhatsApp GB For IOS/iPhone Latest Version
How To Download & Install GBWhatsApp For iPhone
How To Download & Install GBWhatsApp For iPhone tMWhatsapp APK

After installing it, open the app and create your account; that’s it.


  • Is GB-WhatsApp banned?

No it’s not banned it’s just not in the apple-store. As WhatsApp is already there. Because GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp are almost similar app so play sore won’t allow 2 similar apps in the play store.

  • How To Backup Chat?

Many people have multiple sim cards and people want to use multiple accounts for WhatsApp. But it’s not possible on WhatsApp but now it’s possible with GB WhatsApp you can 2 or 3 or more accounts on GBWhatsApp at the same time. This is why multiple users will love.

  • Is GBWhatsApp harmful?

No, it’s not. Because the developer of WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are the same and they have made sure that none of the apps do any harm to you and your device. So it can’t harmful. Because the developer courteously check the apps for damages all time.

  • Is GB WhatsApp banned in India?

no, it’s not banned in India. You can download it using any kind of browser from your iPhone in India.
It has its server in India too.

  • Is GB WhatsApp safe or not?

It is fully safe to usei on iPhone. Can this harm my device driver a bit…? Is this what’s on your mind when you heard about GB WhatsApp? From my point of view, I can say that it depends on the person who uses it.

  • Should I use GBWhatsApp on iPhone?

Because it one of the best chatting apps out on the internet yes. The size of the app has been minimized and it runs faster than WhatsApp yes.

  • How can you tell if someone is using GB WhatsApp?

If you have installed on iPhone than whoever in your contact list is using gbwhatsapp will axiomatically appear in the app.

  • What is the difference between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp?

Both apps are similar but it just has some extra mood which Whatsapp does not have on.

  • How does GB WhatsApp look like?

GBWhatsApp looks similar to WhatsApp.

  • What are the disadvantages of GB WhatsApp?
  1. Its developer update the app regularly so if you don’t upset it will make a problem.
  2. It needs a strong network to work or it will fear out.
  3. Sometimes it might not work so you have to reinstall it to work again.
  • How to use GB WhatsApp safely?

It’s very easy to use gb whatsapp. a safe guide in the app if you read that properly you can use it easily and safely. Many people think that it’s not safe to use gbwhatsapp but they are wrong its fully safe to use you understand it. You can read the safety guidelines carefully.

  • How do I download GB WhatsApp on iphone without jailbreak?

I have already said that gbwhatsapp is not found in the store so you have to download it from the owner. Just go to a browser and search gb whatsapp you will find several websites to downloaded WhatsApp.

  • Is it possible to hack the GB WhatsApp app?

It’s quite impossible to. Because GBWhatsApp and Whatsapp both belong from the same server so Whatsapp is not hackable as well as WhatsApp too. The server that both uses are pretty secure all time.

  • GB WhatsApp is available for iPhone?

So it’s good news for the iPhone user because there is something that you can use named Whatsapp ++ which can be installed in your ios device i have already mentioned in this article.

  • Is GB WhatsApp legal?

Yes, it’s legal. Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp both use the same server so WhatsApp is legal and GBwhatsapp is also legal. Because developers are the same too.

  • Who is the owner of GBWhatsApp?

The owner of Whatsapp is the owner of GB Whatsapp.

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